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Interlace Group Limited

Reliable investments in the sphere of real estate sub-rent.
Singapore is one of the most prosperous, although small country, in South-Eastern region. The strategy of economic development was built by government to make Singapore to be financial and trading center of South-Eastern Asia, as well as to attract foreign investors. Local currency takes fourth place in the world, and sea port is one of the largest. Due to loyal tax policy, Singapore is attractive for business development and carrying on trade. There are many large enterprises in the city, carrying in their business in shipbuilding sphere, electronics, finances and biotechnologies. Moreover, Singapore is one of the touristic pearls of South-Eastern Asia.


Interlace Group Limited is an international investment company, dealing with real estate sub-rent in one of the most developed economical centers of South-Eastern Asia, in a Singapore. We cooperate with large shipbuilding companies and international holding groups, drawing up more than 1000 contracts in a month for short-term and long-term rent of real estate objects, thereby providing stable income from attracted investments.

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The main directions of the sublease of real estate sub-rent company Interlaced Group Limited

  • Housing rent
  • Agro-Industrial zones
  • Commerce and Business
  • Building land
  • Infrastructure

The main capital turnover is directed to sphere of commercial real estate sub-rent. There are trade sites, warehouse and production premises, office centers and conference halls. Also we deal with residential areas, mainly with sub-rent of apartments and villas, as well as hotel complexes and hostels. Because of small area of Singapore, one of the most perspective and unique types of rent is the rent of land lots for building construction and agrarian industry, leased from the state. The other direction of investment is development of infrastructure and tourism sphere.

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Interlaced Group Limited company is:

  • 148 employees working 365 days a year
  • Legality and transparency profitable business
  • More than 2,000 objects handed over for rent
  • From 20 successful deals per month

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